How to make an artificial boxwood in planter for privacy walls

  • 2017-11-08 15:21:55

     The artificial boxwood in planter as the newest decoration element has many advantages. They could be used as space division, boundary denotation and entertaining green maze. It not only beautifies your space but also increases the privacy protection.

     How to make a boxwood in planter? Here we make a guide for you as Sunwing is the professional.

     Firstly, we have the regular size for boxwood planter of 75x75x30cm or 125x75x30cm. If you have any bespoke specific requirements, we can custom make it for you. We choose the WPC as the base, then we combine your preferred artificial hedges leafy panels as you like for the above square box hedging creation. To meet the size, you can cut the iron mesh panels to fit the the base. Use the zip ties to tie them on the mesh.


    After that, we modify the whole box hedges with trimming the extra foliage and zip ties for best per-formation. Especially pay attention to the corner of the planter. To enhance the box hedging corner, you have to fasten them with ties. The artificial hedges may look less, so you have to increase the foliage quantity for perfect appearance.


    You have to monitor the working process to check whether the size is in line with the required dimensions, the corner enhancement of the planter and the density & flat surface of the box hedging planter.

    At the end, a perfect boxwood or other artificial hedging planters like juniper or laurel type is finished ready for permanent or temporary rental in whatever occasional events decor like wedding backdrop or home residential applications. 

    If you wanna have a try of our artificial plants, welcome to contact us or visit us in .We could assist you on importing and wholesaling the best boxwood planter in this process.