How To Distinguish Quality of Artificial Boxwood Hedges

  • 2020-08-17 00:28:02

Nowadays, many ultra-realistic artificial boxwood hedges are making their way into commercial and residential space. People prefer these faux hedges because they don't require on-going maintenance to keep its long-lasting greenery. However, the market is full of simulation plants of different quality, therefore to distinguish good ones from bad ones is a must-do when purchasing. Here, we propose a ‘five-step’ method and each step includes some judgments to help you choose faux hedges with better quality.

Five Steps to follow for quality artificial boxwood hedges

Step 1: Look

  • Life-like or Fake

Obviously, a high-quality simulation hedge is the one close to the real hedge in terms of color, stem shape, leaf texture. To achieve this, the factory must have exquisite craftsmanship.

Color - The raw material itself is transparent, hence, to get different colors needs to add toners accordingly. The proportion of toners must be tested repeatedly to ensure that the color of the hedge approaches the color of the real one. 

Shape - To obtain perfectly manicured shapes, it requires excellence both in technology and labor skills. 

Texture - Quality artificial hedge is featured with clear and botanical texture. The grain on the leaf surface requires a molding machine to make it happen.

artificial-boxwood-panel-comparison-in-appearance .png

  • Multiple layers or Few layers 

Take SUNWING artificial boxwood hedges as an example, ours usually come with four or even more layers. Therefore, the shading performance is better than that of those common ones on the market with three layers.


  • More Stereoscopic or Less Stereoscopic

In addition to different layers, the height of the artificial hedges with different qualities will also differ. The height can be shown by visual effects. Generally speaking, quality  artificial hedges are longer in length and more stereoscopic.


Step 2: Smell

  • Non-chemical Odor or Chemical Odor 

Although it is impossible to see directly from its appearance what material it is made of, it can be judged by its smell. To put it simply,if it smells a lot, it is definitely not a good one and can harm people’s health. Sunwing’s artificial hedges are made from 100% fresh PE that is eco-friendly as well as human-friendly.


Step 3:Touch

  • Smooth or Rough 

Defective artificial boxwood hedges feel rough when touching the surface. On the contrary, quality hedges are neatly trimmed, burr-free, and smooth edge.


Step 4:Measure

  • Thick or thin

The plastic grids used for fixing hedges are also an aspect that reflects the quality of artificial hedges. If you want simulation hedges of maximum longevity in full exposure areas, don't forget to choose a one backed by strong and thick plastic grids.


Step 5:Weigh

  • Heavy or light 

Last but not least, the weight of artificial hedges is an aspect where professional wholesalers engaged in this industry always keep a prudent eye on. 

Some manufacturers cut corners on materials to make more profits, so their defective products are usually lighter. However, at Sunwing, we commit to our motto - quality comes first, and assure you that our product is of sufficient weight.


Standard and Certificates

In addition to the above five steps, the high-quality artificial hedge also needs to meet international standards and have corresponding certificates, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and SGS. Following is a brief introduction of these three certificates.

  • ISO09001(QMS, Quality Management System ) 

  1. Issued by an authoritative and impartial third-party quality evaluation agency.

  2. Used to prove that the quality of products&services operated by suppliers (manufacturers) meets international standards.

  3. Registration marks must be protected by law and shall not be falsely used or forged.

  • ISO14001 (EMS,Environmental Management System) 

  1.  Same as ISO09001, it is also issued by a third-party authority. 

  2.  Used to prove that the raw materials, production processes, processing methods, and the use and post-use disposal of products used by production suppliers conform to environmental protection standards and regulations.

  • SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance )

SGS is a leading comprehensive inspection organization in the world, including quality, safety, and performance testing, as well as the inspection of the whole supply chain from raw material procurement to consumption. SGS certified enterprises can provide products or services of domestic or international standards and specifications.

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After reading this article, you probably should have a deeper understanding of how to choose the artificial boxwood hedges. If you are interested in artificial boxwood hedges or plants, we would like to recommend us to you!

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