How to fit artificial hedge in your landscape?

  • 2017-06-22 09:24:21

- 6 inspirational solutions you should know -

Artificial hedge is a new kind of artificial greenery which is composed of plastic panels and all kinds of foliageThis line of hedge products was firstly made for fencing choices but it gradually gets popular in most countries especially in drought area like Florida or less sunny area like UK! They begin to apply them in interior or exterior design for decoration instead of using traditional time-consuming natural gardening products or plants. These lifelike greenery can perfectly decor your home or office in the following 6 top inspirations:

Play Tetris on The Wall


Company Logo Design


Green Maze


Wedding Accessories


Vertical Garden 


Red Carpet Backdrop


Apart from these inspirations, artificial hedge can also be applied to TV backdrop for interior design,

TV Backdrop.jpg

privacy barrier or boundaries for restaurant or hotels. It can even be used in municipal construction projects like the picture shown below:

Highway Innovation.jpg

Have a brain storming, you can find more innovative and practical application of our faux hedge and foliage! They are universal and versatile in landscape design for both indoors and outdoors. Welcome to visit our website at or contact us for any inquiry you may have.