How to Hide an Ugly Wall With Artificial Hedges

  • 2017-08-07 14:31:03

Here pls find the left picture which is before decoration, it looks ugly, and we always want to decorate it with economic way so that it can bring beauty with less money. Also I would like to share you the way that hiding an ugly wall to cover unsightly views with artificial hedges. 



You will find the wall has been hided with artificial hedges on the right picture. You could find the amazing difference between two pictures that hiding or decorating an ugly area with artificial hedges could bring your outdoor privacy a brand new look. If this is a balcony, you can simply decorate it to fulfill its design. If you want to go out from house and don’t want to go far away for a fresh air, this place is a good choice for playing with your families or friends.


Here sharing a simple installation method for your reference. First step is putting the iron grid on the wall, then using the zip ties to fix the artificial hedge plastic panels with iron grid together. If you need the accessories, we could also prepare for you.


Artificial hedges is made by new fresh PE material, which makes leaves look more natural. The foliage is made by machine and the foliage are fixed to the base-plate by man hand. And now we have many different kinds of foliage in shapes, types and colors.


Actually artificial hedge has been widely used for hiding the wall, below picture is another finished achievement of our client from Mexico for your reference. For more specific needs, you are welcome to leave us a messages or call us at (86)25-84681768.