How to tell apart a low quality artificial hedge

  • 2017-05-02 09:17:28

Why do quality hedges matter?

When you purchase artificial hedges, you expect them to last more than a few years to beautify your home or business.  Quality matters as without it, your hedges are likely to break, fade, crack or look less appealing to guests and your space.

What do I need to do to make out this?

When making a purchase decision about artificial hedges, make sure you are dealing with a trusted supplier. There are many knock-offs out in the market, be ware the cheaper produced versions.
In the picture below we have marked with the low quality singals to you,  you can spot a low-quality artificial hedge.


1. Dis-formed
In the first picture, you can see the artificial hedge is not sitting correctly. The leafs are not aligned and are located in opposite directions. Hedges like these ones pictured not only look poor, but can be more prone to damage and not ideal for weather such as storms or wind.

2. UV damage
In this second picture, the leafs have turned a completely different colour. Their shade has gone and they look like a dead plant. Artificial hedges were designed for beauty and for non-green thumbs, so these ones are definitely not ideal. When purchasing artificial hedges, always ask for UV resistant supply. Ensure you are getting tested UV resistant hedges, not only what the store claims on their website.

3. Jiggered edges
The third picture shows leafs that are spiky. As much as we love a succulent plant or an echidna, the kids, pets and those walking by your hedges are not going to be happy when they cut themselves or feel sharp edges on the hedge you have installed.

4. Recycled materials

The hedges made by recycled materials have bad color and short working time.