How to turn dreary office into an inviting environment

  • 2017-07-31 11:40:16

Office is a working place for employees. And it is also a business transaction place for a company. That is why we spend more efforts to decorate the office and show out the company culture through it. For office decoration, People love combining nature elements with modern elements. In this way, people not only could feel relaxed to be close to nature when working but also will love this perfect combination.


It is a great idea to decorate the company office wall with Artificial Green Wall. Since it is artificial, there is no need to do any maintenance, like watering, trimming,etc. Most of our customers like to do DIY design for the wall. They use different kinds of small artificial plants, like below: 

The installation is very easy. You only install the plastic net or iron net on the wall. And then according to your imagination, do your own special design. After installation, you will find that the artificial green wall matches the modern decoration perfectly. Everything looks living~ When you negotiate with your customers during the reception with artificial green wall, I think your customers also will leave a good impression and it could help relieve the nervous negotiation environment.