Indoor Privacy Dividers for Restaurants

  • 2017-08-01 09:53:29

People who eat in the restaurants usually do need a privacy space, every booth around, people eating, laughing, and talking about things. It’s very important to build an elegant and private environment for restaurant.

Then how to choose the material used to build such a appropriate environment for customers?

The new product PANEL made up of artificial hedge boxwood, is the most popular choice for restaurant operator! Those panels use the brand new fresh PE which are eco-friendly and looks very lifelike just like the real plants. The advantages are remarkable, you needn’t to worry about the trimming, watering, and when does those leaves turn yellow, because they never did.


Indoor decorative 3D panels are making waves in the commercial industry, with the rise of social sharing in the “point and shoot” era, when people take pictures of nearly anything of interest, it has become an effective means of establishing online branding and presence. In the other hand, panels decorated in the restaurant just meeting the demand of customers’ sharing and showing mentality, which can also helping the brand generalize.

Therefore, if you have any project in need of this magical boxwood panels for 3D art green wall or space divider in a restaurant, welcome to contact us on the website.