Innovative plantscape with SUNWING manufactured boxwood

  • 2018-06-12 14:29:01

Artificial boxwood hedges mat is the most popular model in the world, many customers will use this type for their project. Here, please allow me to introduce the different features of the artificial boxwood hedges mat in different application scenarios.


1) Building exterior wall


On the building exterior wall, artificial deluxe boxwood hedge panel needs to be exposed to sunlight for a long time, so it needs to add UV protection, so that it can withstand high temperature, and there will be no color loss in long-term sunlight.


In addition, the artificial deluxe boxwood hedge panel should be decorated in accordance with fire safety standards, and it can play a role of fire prevention in the event of fire, so as not to let the fire spread.



2) Interior walls in public places


Compared with outdoor use, indoor need not pay too much attention to uv protection. But for fire prevention is not to be taken lightly, the indoor environment even needs a higher level of fire prevention.


When used in public places, we also need to notice the raw material of the artificial box hedge screening, it would be best if they made of 100% new fresh PE, so there is no peculiar smell, and adornment effect will be better. In addition, the artificial box hedge screening also need to pass SGS heavy mental test, friendly to environment, no any hurt to human body and pets.


3) Courtyard


When used in a courtyard, it is also important to add uv protection to protect against the damage caused by prolonged sunlight. It would be best if artificial boxwood hedges mat could be fireproof, but it’s not necessary.


When choosing models, had better choose a few more luxuriant design, can better keep out in order to protect privacy. Of course, artificial boxwood hedges mat also needs to match the style of your yard.


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