Have insects free indoor plants with these eco foliage panels

  • 2018-05-08 14:19:31

    More and more landscape industry people are aware of the convenient applications of artificial plants in both daily cared garden and large outdoor architecture building.And now most of them start to use these artificial hedges plants to keep away with those annoying insects. 

    When the artificial plants born, some brilliant garderners and landscapers try them on the projects and attract a lot of eyes and compliments. However, there are still a lot of people think these plastic plants maybe somehow toxic and not friendly to be put indoors. 

    Artificial plants industry leaders send these controversial to most authorized to have chemicals tested to see if there is any potential or direct danger for human beings when put indoors for decorations or something. The results report say they can not find any safety issues related to the use of artificial plants. Then the artificial plants indusrty is ready to properous. 

   Artificial plants or panels are proved to be eco-friendly and can do more than living plants do to green the inside environment. As they are made of fresh PE, they have no smell so they attract no insects like other living plants. They make our indoors a quiter, safer and insects-free place for having a great break. For suberway area where is located usually in the dark under of the ground, artificial hedges is also a great options for getting insect-free indoor greening or amenities. Sunwing's quality fire-retarded artificial hedges plants have been widely used in many of these residential projects especially commercial landscapes. They are put on the ceilings, walls, floors and ground to perfectly make any inside area greener and enjoyable.Check the following works of art with different artificial hedges panels:

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    Bring green hedges which is customized and safer to build a insect-free indoors for a more comfortable indoor paradise. Landscapers, designers and architects, welcome to contact us~ Check our products lines on fauxhedges.com to get wow of so many indoor greening choices.