Interior Bar Decor with Artificial Plants

  • 2020-12-30 16:22:39
  • Sunwing

Bar counters are a common setting on many occasions. Except for some commercial areas, more and more people like to reserve a bar counter at home. Bar counter decoration has become a new hot spot in the decoration industry. Some customers want to use reserved plants for design, we will also add artificial plants to give more suggestions and choices.

The Overall Design of the Bar Wall

The wall inside the bar will give people the most intuitive visual experience. This wall may be just a blank wall, or it may be built with a built-in wine cabinet. The decoration needs to be adjusted according to different conditions.

Reindeer moss

The wall decoration inlaid with irregular built-in wine cabinets strives to be simple, and the color selection should also be unified so that the effect presented can be simple and elegant. Only reindeer moss can meet this requirement.


Bulk moss is more suitable for irregular spaces or designs like this. It is not very troublesome to maintain and can give visitors a good visual enjoyment. Using flake moss to make color matching directly decorate the bar will also look good.

Artificial hedges and vertical garden

Large area decoration is more suitable to use artificial hedges and vertical garden wall. Conventional sizes can meet the space requirements through splicing and tailoring. If you choose a simple fence, you can match it with artificial leaves and flowers and other accessories to enrich the color and shape of the wall.


It should be noted that the pure bundle plant wall with iron mesh as the base is only suitable for installation on a large area of the regular wall.

Decorative Ornaments on the Shelf

Inside some bar counters are a variety of cabinets, and the decoration on the cabinets is a key point. In addition to potted plants like real plants such as green dill, some artificial plants decorations can also be placed.


Artificial potted plants

Small artificial plant potted ornaments are the most direct decorations. It has a very rich variety and can meet the needs of different styles.

Artificial leaves and flowers

The manufacturing process of artificial plants is getting better and better, and it is enough to be fake. Putting artificial leaves and flowers together in a vase can have a good decorative effect.

Countertop Decoration of the Bar

A small amount of potted plants can be placed on the countertop, such as artificial potted plants or preserved potted plants. This is to make the countertop not look monotonous and also serve as a partition.

Unique Ceiling Design

In addition to the wall decor, the design of the ceiling is also an important part of the overall appearance of the bar. Similar spaces are generally relatively empty in the upper space, so when choosing artificial plant decoration, you need to consider the effect of filling. Hangable products can meet this demand.


This kind of artificial hanging plants can give people a jungle-like novel experience, and can also add a basic natural atmosphere to the space where the bar is located.

For these three kinds of suspended artificial plants, we recommend using one or two to decorate the ceiling in an orderly manner. Too many choices tend to appear chaotic. The overall color tone is as uniform as possible. A few different colors are used for embellishment so that the scene is more realistic.


The bar is just one of many decorative objects. Every corner of the home can be decorated with artificial plants or preserved plants. We have professional designers to help you. If you have novel ideas, welcome to discuss with us.