Just Say I DO

  • 2017-06-15 10:40:17

Steven Brown, a wedding designer contacts us in a urgency of ordering artificial hedges and flowers for green screening of a wedding decor. He told us about this touching story. The young man is a very successful business man. But behind every successful man, there should be a girl who is always there for him. This young couple has been gone through years of hardship to have this important day of their life. The girl is humble and would leave the man because she thinks he deserves a better one. But the man is very grateful and love the girl by his all heart. He pursuits her so hard and finally get her “I Do” for the 32th proposal.  

After listening to their story, Steven is determined to create a romantic and dreamy wedding for them. He thought of green plants to express hope and life for their future. He especially asks for a green sculpture of “I Do” for the blessed couple. Natural plants can not stay green forever but artificial plants can do that. The wedding will be held in one day, he contacts many companies for that hurry order and finally chooses us. Our staff work together and finish the three letters sculpture in one day and send it in time for the wedding!


The artificial boxwood leaves shine under the sun. In such a great weather, the handsome and beauty hand in hand walk down the aisle with everyone’s ardent wishes. We are lucky to witness this moved scene. Steven is very satisfied with our product, our efficiency and thoughtful services. Thanks to that our artificial sculpture is durable in harsh weather and reusable, we are more than excited to hear that Steven would bring this green love to more lovely couples.

Say “I DO” to your loved Mr. Right for the promise of lifetime happiness and say “I DO” to Sunwing artificial greenery for the best wedding event decor.