Make a leaves fence for privacy along the rod iron fence

  • 2017-06-02 09:30:27

An iron fence frames is an unobstructed, attractive view. When your view changes or you plan to use the part of the yard with the iron fence for another purpose, you may lose some privacy. While, blocking the fence with plants takes time as the plants have to grow up and bush out, also, you will need to spend lots of energy and money.

Here, create a privacy barrier for your iron fence with our artificial leaves hedge, it won't take more than three days. From choosing the style you want, measuring the iron fence, and then calculate the quantity you need, and lastly, the final step-installation, which will cost you just 2-3 days if you act very fast.

See above, the iron fence will protect your home, and the leaves fence will protect your privacy and meantime offer you a beautiful green wall while without any maintenance like the watering, trimming, expelling parasite etc. Just three days’ work, you will enjoy the benefits of the artificial leaves wall for 3-5 years, this is Sunwing specializes in, and we always keep this intention for saving time and saving energy for our customer. Green your land, green your life~

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