Most Suitable Artificial Potted Plants for Home Decor in 2021

  • 2021-03-03 16:09:21
  • Sunwing

Modern people's lives are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and health. Whether in a cozy home or office,   it is very popular to decorate with green plants. In the past two years, the Nordic style of the home decoration is very popular. The combination of this modern minimalist style and green plants can show the owner's exquisite aesthetics. Artificial plants can reduce a lot of troubles encountered during maintenance on the basis of satisfying decorative needs. Let’s take artificial potted plants as an example. They have a realistic appearance and do not require the nutrients needed for growth. They are also very good. Integrating with the surrounding environment can provide convenience for your home decoration.

Here are some carefully selected fake potted plants that are very popular in 2021.

Artificial Potted Monstera

Artificial Potted Monstera2.jpg

As a representative of artificial ornamental plants, the frequency of appearance of this artificial potted plant in Nordic home decoration has repeatedly set new records. It occupies the content of European and American fashion magazines all year round, and once led the fashion trend. Simple branches and large leaves can bring infinite coolness to summer and cool people visually. And monstera has the meaning of health and longevity, so it is very good whether it is placed at home or in public.

Fake Traveler Banana

Fake Traveler Banana.jpg

Traveler's banana is the "King Kong" of the herbaceous plant. Its leaves are round and wide, like a huge banana fan, and the leaves are arranged at the top of the leaf stem and arranged on both sides, like a folding fan, so it has another alias called "peacock tree" . The traveler palm is synonymous with independence and elegance. It is a representative of the freshness among the artificial green plants, and has a particularly high aesthetic value. Everyone must often find the artificial traveler banana in the Nordic home decoration. The biggest feature of the traveler palm is its graceful posture. Therefore, it is especially recommended to place it next to the TV wall in the living room.

Artificial Areca Palm

Artificial Areca Palm.jpg

Among all kinds of tropical plants, areca palm is a popular one. Its leaves are feather-shaped, petioles are slender, and the whole is dense and dense, with clear layers and strong three-dimensional effect. a feeling of. When the artificial potted areca palm is combined with the simple and clear Nordic style interior decoration, the black, white, gray and blue space bursts with green vitality; in addition, the palm and other styles of decoration will not be incompatible with each other. Because the meaning of areca palm is very beautiful, it is often regarded as a symbol of the tenacity of the career. Putting it indoors or in the courtyard will greatly help the career fortune. 

Artificial Dracaena

Artificial Dracaena.jpg

Dracaena is an ancient tree species with a life span of up to a thousand years. It has the meaning of promoting family harmony, blessing children and grandchildren, and prolonging life. Dracaena's leaves are low in saturation, and it is a kind of high-grade green. Its leaves are exaggerated and expanded, making it a domineering artificial potted tree. It symbolizes strong and unyielding, which has a positive attitude, so artificial dracaena is generally used to decorate more grand occasions.

Life is inherently colorful. When you feel tired, frustrated, or helpless, an artificial potted plant can light up your world, and its arrival can meet the decoration needs of your ideal life. Just an artificial potted tree can improve the quality of life of users. Welcome to discuss with us, and we will give you more choices.