Get your 2019 artificial plants business on track with SUNWING Movable Boxwood Inplanters

  • 2018-12-24 16:23:10

As one of the most popular products of our company, box hedges in planters have always been the leading trend of the market. From the simple planter without heavy weight to stand in harsh weathers to the movable planter with wheels that can be moved anywhere. 


Now the new handles and wheels are constantly being applied on these planters for easy transportation. 


Innovation, in order to facilitate customers, consider the problem from the perspective of customers. We have launched this new product. It has features such as:

1.     withstanding harsh weather

2.     outdoor-rated

3.     long warranty

4.     applied for space divider

5.     used as boundary barrier denotation

6.     screening unsightly

7.     Worked as green backdrop, etc.

Below is a picture of our latest base fence, please check it out.


For the new planter, the base board of the whole structure is made of WPC. Wood-plastic wood is a new type of wood board that replaces steel form work and bamboo wood board. It has outstanding advantages like:

1.     light weight

2.     high impact strength

3.     easy assembly

4.     smooth surface

5.     moisture proof

6.     mildew resistance

7.     acid and alkali resistance

8.     no cracking

9.     large plate width

10.   less seams

It can be sawed, nailed, processed into any length, etc. It will be one of our popular products in recent years. Our fence base has five sides and also with windproof and stable advantages. The height of the planter should not exceed 230cm. If it is too high, the product itself will be unstable and bring certain difficulties to the container transportation. About Planter's base height, our normal size is 25cm, 50cm, we also accept custom sizes, but the recommended height is preferably a multiple of 25, because this can effectively avoid the accident of arm scratch caused by the traces left by the cutting. We customize the foliage as you like cause we manufacture all kinds of artificial hedges panels apart from classic boxwood. Check the newly developed hedges planter overview from our clients Jenny Mellish.

Our products are directly supplied by the factory and have an advantage in terms of factory direct price. The factory has also accumulated a wealth of export experience, I believe we will have a pleasant cooperation.

Any interests in being our dealer, or cooperate with our factory for OEM&ODM, please be free to contact us through ~

Telephone number:86-25-84681768. We welcome business cooperation in all kinds of forms from all over the world. Try us in boosting your artificial plants business in 2019.