New rose hedging mat for romantic green walls

  • 2018-03-01 14:15:54

Romantic rose shape flora leafy artificial hedging mat panels are made for interior green wall or outdoor fencing! The foliage is designed botanically correct to look like just like the real leaves in garden with year-round greenery! Although it ‘s made with plastic. It can withstand harsh weather like sun exposure and fire. We manufacture it with UV and fire-retardant to make it keep long-lasting greenery for years even in outdoors.

These mat are made with pins and hole on each side of the panels to make them able to connect together for large wall covering. The density, shape and sizes can be customized for specific design and landscape. We are factory direct artificial hedges plants supplier. Therefore, we receive bespoke order for local or single project applications. Our quality will never let you down. Any interest or wanna try us on your amazing landscape/plantscape solutions, welcome to discuss with us by mail at