Outdoor Artificial Box Hedge A055 Netgrass Series - Summer Sale

  • 2020-08-10 19:18:51

Our Summer Sale is now on, therefore to strike while the iron is hot, we introduce you to the following outdoor artificial box hedge A055 netgrass series. For netgrass lovers, the maintenance in summer can be a tough job as strong sunlight and high heat might make the margins of leaves char or perish. But with our netgrass hedges-the best solution for the above-mentioned problem, once they are installed, nothing further is required.

Features of A055 Netgrass Series

1. Delicate craftsmanship

details of outdoor artificial hedges netgrass .jpg

The purpose to choose artificial hedges is to replace real plants, and to make leaves look life-like is always a challenge to producers. However, we struggled to succeed the challenge that people almost can not distinguish our hedges from real ones. Clear texture and exquisitely meticulous trimmed shape which reflect Sunwing’s pursuit of becoming flawless.

2. Diverse colors and customized styles

faux box hedges netgrass of diverse colors and versions.jpg

This artificial box hedge , as the above picture shows, has six colors to choose. Because red and green colors are popular among customers, we have made another two styles - one-layer version for sparse preference and two-layer version for dense preference.

3. Suitable for exterior settings

artificial box hedges netgrass exterior application .jpg

This product is a perfect design for outdoor decoration such as a balcony, garden, etc. With the rapid development of economy and technology, tall buildings made by reinforced concrete can be seen everywhere in a city. Imagine if we remove the gray cement and let a bit greenery to grow on the edge of the balcony, what a lively and bright environment can be!

For outdoor applications, Sunwing artificial box hedges are made of fresh PE which is UV-engineered backed by a three-year guarantee that can withstand the sun.

SUNWING is a leading artificial plants supplier and manufacturer in China, our factory covers a vast range of production lines including artificial hedges, artificial green walls, artificial grass, etc. Any interest in establishing business with us, please contact:sales@fauxhedges.com