5 Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Hedges and Garden Design Ideas

  • 2017-05-04 09:27:00

Many people use the artificial boxwood hedges to cover an unsightly fence or wall. Whole sections of boxwood hedges can be easily constructed as well for privacy purposes. Many event companies are using the artificial hedge panels for events and charging their customers top dollar for them. 

Living walls are the rage in the office buildings and museums all over the world, and naturally people also want them in their homes. But there is a problem that living walls are expensive to install and maintain and cost prohibitive for most people, to this point, fake living walls are very affordable and easy to construct.  

There are many pictures on websites like Pinterest with ideas on uses for the durable artificial boxwood hedge mats. There are so many exciting decorative items that can be crafted out of the fake hedge that can be used inside and outside the house. For a few hundred dollars, many people have been able to completely transform their patios and backyards with fake hedges.  

So, let us see 5 smart design ideas for outdoor decoration,  

  1. Arrange bright summer-colored outdoor artificial boxwood topiary plants and tree boughs as centerpieces. The color of the flowers and leaves will create a beautiful color scheme for your dinner and mimic the sunny summer outside. Plus, the artificial flowers and tree boughs will not be as obtrusive as a bright, beautiful bouquet.


  2. Artificial boxwood hedges and artificial plant mats can be used as wall coverings or other decorative pieces. This adds greenery and life to any party or event, giving your summer a vibrant, beautiful feel.


  3. Artificial lawn can replace your thirsty natural lawn and leave you with a striking, vibrant green lawn that is sure to be then envy of the neighborhood.


  4. Artificial azaleas and roses can be used to brighten up any room in the house, including guest rooms, hallways, and doorways. They do not need to be confined to just the centerpiece for parties. A few hanging azaleas in a rustic basket would be the perfect piece to decorate and brighten any room.


  5. Another way to incorporate artificial turf and lawn into your decor and festivities would be by lining the walkway to your home with it. This creates a vibrant pathway that welcomes your guests into your home.



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