Outdoor Artificial Green Wall for Promotion

  • 2017-05-12 09:52:16

As is known to us all, artificial vertical garden green wall can be applied in interior backdrop or any wall coverage in many places even the underground garage! But do you know that this artificial greenery can also be used in outdoor design projects as well!

To get full use the New Marketing Approach called “Green Promotion”, green wall has been used widely in all kinds of commercial properties for brands awareness or customer acquisition. The greenery presents in letters, logos and mascots on the wall. Let the customer get the core concept of the brand creation which is infectious & touching and makes people relaxed with green implication!

These artificial green wall panels are flexible in applying to various surfaces. Therefore, this customizable green wall is versatile in all kinds wall surfaces. With the latest technology, Sunwing artificial hedge or plants are all outdoor rated Nowadays with UV-engineered and fire-retardant. What’s more, this faux plants are all made with high-quality fresh PE and can endure all harsh weather to keep its perfect green condition for over three years as least in outdoor exposures as well! Let’s see several great works of artificial green wall plants:


The green marketing strategy gonna inject new life into outdoor artificial green wall! High quality green wall decor for city amenity/beautifying will get the building or property value added about 15% ~ 20%! They are in tremendous colors and categories and makes this green advertisement a pleasant view for the passers-by or a pleasant shopping experience for customers! If you are a property manager seeking ways to increase its value, welcome to chat for cooperation on a “green promotion” with Sunwing artificial green wall not only for indoors decoration but also for outdoors promotion!