Outdoor Interlocking Decking Solutions for Garden Flooring

  • 2019-06-24 14:01:47

Sunwing is always on its way to explore and find solutions to better satisfy customers’ needs. Here we launch a new series of products for outdoor flooring solutions. If you happen to source outdoor flooring products to expand your business, the interlocking wood deck tiles and artificial grass deck tiles may well meet all your requirements.


The basic information about wood flooring tiles and artificial grass deck tiles:

Name: Natural Solid Wood Deck Tiles

Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 300X300X24mm /11.81''X11.81''X0.94"(appr.)

Material: Waterproof and Anticorrosive wood + PP Base Panel

Color: Brown or as required

Warranty: 2 years for indoors and 1 year for outdoors.

Features: antibacterial, anti-slip and suitable for use on all solid surfaces (concrete, wood, carpet)


For this natural solid wood deck tiles, we recommend you use them for all kinds of doorway pavements, garden pavements and any patio transformation in both residential or hotels. As these products have special base panels for better drainage like:


So you need to apply them on solid floor surfaces like concrete, wood and carpet and is perfect for indoors or outdoors (ideal for saunas and showers).

The solid wood flooring tiles come in a standard size of …, well calculated to give a beautiful and cost-effective overall flooring. The natural solid wood flooring tiles come from the same timber buy vary from one piece to another slightly. That makes sure once interlocked, the flooring will be in perfect unity.


Name: PP Interlocking Grass Deck Tiles

Size: 300*300*26cm/11.81''X11.81''X1.02"(appr.)

Material: Tile base: PP plastic (UV resistant)

Tile surface: PE and PP fibers

Color: Any grass type available for choices

Warranty: 3 years indoors and 1 year outdoors

Features: Easy to install | Durable | None-maintenance | Great drainage system

| antibacterial | anti-ultraviolet radiation and | flame retardant


The PP interlocking grass deck tiles normally come in …. Artificial grass mat is one of our star product since…(what year). Highly aware of its outstanding qualities in terms of low maintenance, budget-friendly and perfect good-looking etc. The ultra-realism appearance makes grass decking tiles a real competitive product in outdoor flooring. It is easy to connect the residential area to great nature.

For PP Interlocking Grass Deck Tiles, these grass deck tiles are able to provide instant beauty to your yard, deck, balcony, patio or rooftop, you can freely interlocking and install them for the different appearance of your floor. Also, as we are artificial grass manufacturers, you can freely choose the desired artificial turf for your markets and consumers. We have a 14-year artificial grass factory that exports to over 55 countries in the world.


Why they are the best outdoor options

l  Both are low-maintenance. Solid flooring has long been famous for its almost maintenance free advantage. Artificial turf tiles as noticeable member of the rising faux greenery family are also free of fuss. The Fresh PP materials ensure you can leave them alone in many years to come. You don’t have to water them, sweep away the shaded leaves or use fertilizers.

l  Both are good-looking. The interlocked solid flooring and artificial grass tiles are always eye-pleasing. Once installed, they bring the whole setting to life in no time. Often, you choose to apply the same product in a large area. That works with our two products too. But you know what, you can apply both to really make a difference. Since they come in the same size, they can come to decorate your place together. There are endless combinations. You are just about to make an art of your garden, yard, patio or balcony.

l  Both are installation friendly. Both solid wood tiles and artificial turf deck tiles are easy to assemble. The interlocking system is easy for buyers to practice by themselves with only a handful of tools. Unlike real grass, you don’t need to set a soil foundation to fill in artificial grass tiles. You only need an even ground, and then assemble the tiles. By the way, they can also be easily removed for thorough cleaning if necessary.

l  Both are DIY available. Truly the standard sizes of the products may not match the area you are going to cover. So you can choose to cut trim them a little bit easily with a skill saw or jigsaw to make sure they perfectly fit tricky areas. Of course, you can also contact our sales team to customize the sizes.

l  Both are free of climatic attacks. Climatic changes are one of the major challenges faced by outdoor flooring. You don’t want the heavy rains, frosts, freezing temperature, scorching sunshine or strong winds to destroy your beautiful flooring. With the interlocking wood floor tiles and anti-water grass deck tiles, you can be assured that your elegant flooring won’t easily give in.

l  Both are fire safe. The wood deck tiles and artificial grass tiles are both manufactured fire-proof. The fire-rated layer keep both products from burning. So you are free of fire hazards.

l  Both are budget friendly. The high durability of solid wood deck tiles and artificial grass tiles guarantees your purchase is worthwhile. The special layered wood and grass tiles are going to last as long as …years. Moreover, compared to growing actual plants or grass, artificial grass is much less costly.


Comparing with artificial grass or artificial lawn, the new interlocking deck tiles are more suitable for normal householders to install with better drainage system and better performance. You need no infill, professional installation team or guide which makes them another important product line that artificial grass companies should distribute and spread for a more profitable business.

About its various applications, here are some pictures for reference:


Pics source from Amazon.

Interlocking wood flooring tiles and artificial grass decking tiles have all the things you can look for a good outdoor flooring product. They are eye-pleasing, cost-effective, and free of fuss, unique in style and of multiple application potentials. They can pave the balcony, patio, garden, yard, etc. Of course, they are favorable indoor flooring options too. If you are looking for flooring items, do take our products into consideration.

Our garden deck tiles are perfect for gardening products seller, garden centers, garden pavers, lawn or Flooring Company, and landscape architecture companies, etc. If you are interested in expanding your products lines with our interlocking deck tiles, welcome to inquiry sales@fauxhedges.com or sales@plantsartificial.com to get more details and pricing on minimum order, FOB price, and free samples. Keep our latest products updated on: