Popular Artificial Ivy Fence VS Classic Artificial Boxwood Hedge

  • 2021-03-25 15:53:28
  • Sunwing

In the artificial plant decoration industry, the two types of ivy and boxwood have always been at the forefront of the sales list, and different customer groups have different views on the two. This article compares these two artificial leaves fence products, so that customers have a more detailed understanding.

Wild Artificial Boxwood Hedge Background Wall

artificial boxwood wall decoration.jpg

The leaves of boxwood are small in shape and natural in color. The finished fence is very dense and has good covering properties. It can be used to cover unsightly places on the wall or fence. In addition, because the shape of the fake boxwood hedge is very simple and looks relatively flat, it does not attract too much attention, so it is often used as a background wall to set off other displays. Because of their inconspicuousness, boxwood fences can be used on any occasion, with a wide range of applications and a high degree of acceptance by the masses.

Vibrant Artificial Ivy Fence Wall Decoration

artificial ivy fence wall.jpg

The leaves of ivy are completely different from boxwood. Its leaves are wider, bright in color, and look full of vitality. The shape of the artificial ivy fence is quite personalized, and it is often matched with other leaf types, which can bring good decorative effects. The enthusiasm of ivy makes it unwilling to become an ordinary background board, and it is more suitable for making decorative walls for courtyards and some indoor places.

Recommended Artificial Ivy Fence

The shape of the boxwood fence is relatively simple, while the ivy is the opposite. As a kind of popular product type, the types and shapes of artificial ivy products on the market are very rich. We have selected some popular styles and new designs this year to meet the needs of different users for this type of fence product.

Recommended Popular Artificial Hedges with Ivy Leaves

Popular Artificial Hedges with Ivy Leaves.jpg

According to previous sales data, the two earlier artificial fences, A009 and A018, have the best sales among all Ivy-element products. The main difference between the two models is that A018 only uses  ivy leaves of different sizes, while in A009, the ivy leaves are only used as ornaments in the bushes.

The full paved artificial ivy hedge A018 has completed the gradient from dark green to light green. The whole is excessively natural and has excellent covering properties. It is very suitable for outdoor decoration in summer. It can protect and protect the privacy of the courtyard and make people feel cool.

A009 is brighter from the overall color, and the application of ivy leaves is more like a foil, enriching the types of bush-themed fences. If installed indoors, it can significantly change the brightness of the entire room.

New Designed Artificial Ivy Hedge Rolls in 2021

The same is the utilization of ivy elements, but the styles of these three fences are very different. From the perspective of lushness, the A143 is undoubtedly the most prominent one. Its outdoor installation effect is like unmaintained plants in summer. It is lush and vigorous with a hint of wild beauty. In addition to home use, it is also very suitable. Used as a summer-themed garden.

outdoor artificial ivy fence decor.jpg

The mixed fence A135 has similarities with A143, but the overall tone is brighter, and it uses 5 leaf elements, which is rich in content and has a good display effect under good lighting conditions.

 new designed faux ivy plant.jpg

Different from the above two products that are more suitable for outdoor applications, A131 is the most abundant in terms of color types, mainly including green, yellow and pink. The color difference is obvious. Ivy leaves have a rich styling effect on this product.

No matter which product it is, it is carefully selected and designed, with various styles, which can meet the application needs of different occasions. All products can choose to add UV materials. For detailed requirements, you can contact us by email or leave us a message directly. We will contact you as soon as possible.