6 Popular Artificial Plants for Interior and exterior Design

  • 2019-01-17 15:39:11

Artificial plants are designed by imitating plant morphology and using high simulation materials. The artificial plants under the fence series of pines are rich in variety and complete in style, which will meet people’s aesthetic life and fit different home environments.

Compared with real plants, artificial plants have many obvious advantages.

The first and most important one is that artificial plants are not restricted by natural environmental conditions such as sunshine, air, water and seasons. Plant species can be selected at will according to the site needs.

One common kind is artificial boxwood hedges. We can choose different colors for interior or exterior decorations. For commercial grade landscape, we manufacture not only residential artificial hedges but also business standard greenery. This outdoor-rated boxwood panels can also be made UV-proof for better usage.

Second, even without water and fertilization, we don’t need to worry about the plant in wither and fall, which can save a lot of costs for future management.

Artificial vertical garden is a good example, it is really beautiful and provides some new ideas to plant scape. We can build our own garden with them.


Thirdly, along with the development of technology of building materials, the new thoughts and ideas of design get unprecedented liberation, more and more tall interior space appear in our life, all kinds of artificial plant landscape is just cater to the needs of the such space build, can more easily build a common plants landscape effect cannot be achieved.

Artificial topiary ball and tree satisfy our demand for space and shape.


We can use artificial balls to create a garden with vivid outlook. After hanging up these balls, the upper space can be satisfied.

To protect privacy of both residential and commercial area, artificial leaves fence screen rolls are great fave of most customers.


Artificial leaves fence screen can be easily installed for any indoor or outdoor privacy fencing screen. A secretive and beautiful scene always makes people feel comfortable.

When we need divide the area wherever interiors or exteriors, artificial boxwood planter is better-performed.


Compared with artificial leaves fence, artificial planter is more independent. Also, we can have a DIY space.

The last kind is framed hanging artificial plants wall. They look more like art decorations have a strong artistic appreciation. Without doubt, framed hanging artificial plants can be the highlight of a wall.


Each kind of artificial plants will become a beautiful landscape in future decoration. All products above can be sourced in SUNWING’s website fauxhedges.com Welcome to get factory direct price with detailed catalog through sales@fauxhedges.com