Preserved Moss Landscape – A Natural Oasis for Interiors

  • 2018-08-22 15:36:07

New arrival!

To get more inspirations and flexibility to our business, Sunwing whose product lines cover artificial hedges, artificial green walls and artificial topiary balls&trees is now devoting to bringing you the latest, most faved or popular items in the market. Preserved reindeer Moss or vertical artificial moss panels, a natural dried moss, will be the product we will focus on promoting in this second half year.

Artificial moss wall can be used widely for decoration everywhere in your residential or commercial area. For example, we can put artificial moss in the frame and put on the wall or put the artificial moss mats on the wall near stair directly with glue. These framed wall moss will transform your plain wall into a work of art. 


Check the pictures below. This is a moss wall project combining light green with dark green moss to form this stairs like pattern. We can also DIY by artificial moss or stitch some beautiful pattern

Artificial moss is great at creating a feeling of primeval forest. People desired to get close to nature so as to be far from a noise of the city. Now SUNWING, a factory direct moss mats suppliers can make the environment with the preserved moss.


And we are open to any new ideas, suggestions or opinions. If you have any interests, feel free to contact .