Preserved Moss Mats or Artificial Hedges for Interior or Exterior Transformations

  • 2018-11-05 15:30:28

In contemporary fast-paced life, more and more people are paying attention to environmental protection and greening. Artificial plants are very rich in variety and highly malleable. Therefore, they are now widely used in buildings and can be seen everywhere.

Modern gardens and designers in the interior design and construction buildings, when using plants for architectural decoration and embellishment, having tremendous choice. But considering safety and physical health, many garden designers or architects have taken a fancy to the fire and UV protection features of the artificial hedges. So the designers applied a lot of artificial hedges to decorate interior and exterior walls, roofs and floorings. Such as, background wall, use artificial hedges for privacy protection, etc.

As to indoors, in addition to the artificial hedging fence screens, designers will use more diverse plants. Such as crafted moss, they are produced from bare ground in the alpine jungles of nature. Through natural collection, advanced color fixing and anti-corrosion technology make it more conducive to interior decoration design, add flame retardant and then produce. These mosses are very much in line with the fire protection needs of the designer when decorating the room. From the picture, the moss seems to add more life to this room.


Moss walls are fast becoming as popular as living walls, preserved moss walls are a cost-effective alternative. Because the moss is preserved natural moss, the wall requires very little maintenance and has longevity.

Also, unlike live planted walls, they are not sensitive to temperature or light fluctuations, so they can be used anywhere indoors.


Many design experts are controversial about which one is better of artificial hedges and  preserved moss? In fact, they all have their own points and strengths. Why not combine them to do some design? The effect will be better. Please kindly look at these product pictures combined with artificial hedges and preserved natural moss. I think this seems more special and easier to attract people's attention.


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