How to Wash/Bath Grayed Preserved Moss Wall

  • 2018-10-11 16:46:03

With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more people are beginning to embrace fake in their daily lives. The most classic is artificial green walls or vertical garden. And preserved moss will be the trendy faves in this turning point. Preserved moss is a kind of dried and color treated plants to serve décor purposes in the modern world. To liven up both wall surfaces or floor surfaces, the first building material designers and landscapers think is preserved moss. Natural but stylish enough to surprise the public.

When crafted moss like classic reindeer moss and cushion moss is used for a long-term presentation like interior green walls or green land restoration, the moss mats will become a powerful dust collector which will destroy its perfect interior performance and at the same time do great harm to the health of the human body.

So as a decoration requiring nearly zero maintenance, moss wall mats wash is still necessary for best appearance. Here are tips for maintaining preserved moss mats:

1, Firstly, you have to remove the flaky moss from walls or land to rinse it with water. Turn it over on the ground to dry. If it is a small area of cleaning like miniature garden, you can remove them one by one for cleaning so as to make it much cleaner. Here are its cleaning tips:

Tools: a bowl or tub of water, a tray or plate with paper towels on which you can lay the rinsed moss out to drain and dry.

a. We will break the moss into manageable pieces and gently press on the moss with your fingers to identify and remove any foreign objects (i.e. gravel, insects, hairs, bits of trash or plastic).


b. Gently submerge the piece of moss in the bowl of water while continuing to press on it to remove any smaller foreign objects previously unidentified.  Some of the dirt will also dissolve away from the moss roots and that is fine.

c. Place your moss chunk on a tray or paper towel to allow it to drip-drain a bit.

Preserved moss will be still trending with its largest modern range of styles. If you are interested in importing it to your area, welcome to contact for more products details and pricing.