See what grass weaving fence can bring to You

  • 2017-05-26 10:58:24

Artificial Grass is widely known as sports lawn materials. If you think it is all about its application then you only see part of the world. Today, we will introduce you the newly released type of fencing screen called grass weaving screen.

  Its whole picture is just as the picture below shows. 


  Comparing with artificial hedge fence, grass fencing have some distinctive features. Different from other plastic privacy screen, this kind of hedge is made of iron wire and fabric grass leaves. Connect every aligned single pieces to a whole piece with sizes in 100X300CM, 150X300CM, etc. Grass leave color is always in green, light green or dark green. Single color and bicolor can both be made. Standard grass screen width can be adjusted to fit specific need as well. This kind of fence screening is best for chain-linked iron fence. This fence with high density can create a perfect privacy space. It can also safeguard your property with enough height. This kind of iron fence grass screen is usually really easy to install with zip ties because they have been already made into a large roll for simple installation.

  With UV-protected and fire-retardant, this grass screen can stay green in outdoors for at least 3 years or longer. What’s more, they can effectively reduce surrounding loud noise and keep your daily tranquility. Grass weaving fence is very popular in most farm for keep animals in with green screen. Any fencing needs for home patio, lobby or balconies, please be free to inquire!