Several Tips for Getting a Cheap but Bespoke Green Walls

  • 2018-11-20 15:55:57
  • sunwing

Do you know how to install the real vertical green plant wall? Firstly, you need to prepare the tools and real plants. Secondly, you also need to install the back mesh. Thirdly, choose the light and dropper system will be needed too. Finally, put the real plants in the pot on the wall. The installation of the real plant wall is not only complicated, but also requires someone to take care of it.

But the installation of the artificial green wall is much easier.

·Measure the length and height of your wall

·Collect the artificial hedge panels together to a suitable size by using snap-to lock system.

·Roll the collected hedge panels

·Put the steel wire grid on the wall and drill holes as pictures.

·Insert the nails or screw anchors into the hole and use hammer to insert tightly

· If screw anchors, then use spanner to tighten anchors with nut.

· Put the hedge panels on the steel wire grid and use zip ties to fasten the hedge panels on the steel wire grid.

·Cut the extra parts of zip ties with scissors.

·Then the installation is finished. A beautiful artificial hedge wall shows up.

Is the above installation process very simple and easy to understand? And if you find a special installation company to install, it only takes less than half a day to complete. If the area of the green wall is large, then one day can also be completed. And the daily maintenance is very easy, just need to carry out a simple cleaning, or you can find someone to do simple maintenance and repair on a regular basis, very economical.

The artificial green wall also has the following advantages:

1. the practicality is stronger. The artificial green wall has a very good decorative effect, and the product is also made of environmentally friendly materials, and the practicality and durability are very strong. In fact, there are many similar decorative products on the market, but the practicality is that the artificial plants are stronger. And it can be used indoors or outdoors, and it can be decorated in winter, which can create a warm environment and relax people in it.

2. The effect is more durable. Because the simulated plant wall is a durable material that is used, it has a long service life. If it is used outdoors, it requires only simple maintenance to ensure the durability of its effect. Although many decorations can also play a certain decorative effect, they do not have the long-lasting effect of simulating plants. If it is used indoors, as long as it is a regular product purchased, there will be no fading problem after several years of use.

3. It has strong plasticity and green environmental protection. The main materials for simulating plant materials are: plastic products, silk products, polyester products, resin clay, cement and other materials. In addition, metal bars, glass tubes, blown paper, fiber filaments, and decorative materials are used. Paper, ribbons, these materials are free from pollution or pollution. Due to the elasticity of the material, it can be matched with the model of special height and shape, and it can keep the green color and break the limit of authenticity. The image is vivid, lively and beautiful, and can be compared with the flowers and plants.

4. Less affected by the environment. Most public places and offices are now air-conditioned. The indoor light is often insufficient. Therefore, it is not easy to plant a plant indoors, but the artificial plants can easily achieve this purpose. The color of the color can be kept bright and seasonal for a long time, and will not be as dry and dry as the plants and flowers.

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