Sunwing artificial grass and hedge, perfect for your life

  • 2017-05-08 09:19:41

Dear sir,
How are you doing?

       Are there any rich colors or designs in your grass field?
       Have ever felt boring with the featureless wall in your building?
       Do you occasionally want something special or extraordinary?

Here Sunwing artificial hedges and grass are willing to help you. With a reputation for innovation, quality and durability, we now work closely with our customers from more than 50 countries over the world.

1.The colorful grass lawn, the colorful life.


Compared with the traditional artificial lawn, Sunwing new-developed ones added the colorful design on the surface. With the lovely cartoons on the lawn, it will become more interesting and attractive. Also, will not you feel delighted with these colorful designs when walking on the grass field?

2.Sunwing artificial hedge for wall decoration

Mixed with different styles of artificial hedges, our newly decorated office room has gained lots of eyes, especially the logo of Sunwing Improve201698142219909.jpg. As shown below:


The DIY artificial hedges wall will provide you a natural looking while without additional maintenance . Most importantly, you can choose our different styles of hedges for your own artificial hedges wall, and meantime, enjoy the fun of DIY!

SUNWING Industries Ltd. provide various kinds of artificial grass and hedges, if interested, just contact us for free quotes.