Malaysia Client's Outdoor Green Wall Installation Programme

  • 2018-07-16 14:35:26

Today, I will show you our outdoor green walls program from our Malaysia client. According to the customer’s request and the special size, we design the draw as below, and please refer.



As the customer decorate his restaurant with our products, we design the outdoor green walls including the artifciial hedges panels of G0602A001(dark green and light green), G0602A006(white), G0602AA038 and G0602A042(yellow).

The artificial plants landscape with green colors makes the restaurant more beautiful and give people the feeling of flourishing. Although the patterns are separate, the lines of pictures are smooth and beautiful.


The customer is satisfied with our design and idea, so we produce the items according to the drawing. The finished products will be showed for you reference as below.


3. Installation

The solution of artificial vertical garden installation is easy, and if you are worried about the installation, please refer to the video of installation.  Please check the link as below and show you the detail of installation.

The after-decoration pictures from the customer will be showed for you.


Our artificial vertical gardens are made of all new fresh PE materials without strange smell, and there is no harm to children and pets. Our all products passes the test of UV Proof, Fire protection and ROHS according to SGS regulation, and 5 years warranty.

I wonder if you are attracted with our pictures of items and design? Application of outdoor green walls,artificial plants landscaping,artificial vertical garden: Home Decor, Public Facilities, Shops, Weddings, Fence Screening, Walls and etc. If you want your places more beautiful and flourishing, feel free to contact or visit and we will provide the best service for you.