The Ultimate Guide to SUNWING Artificial Vertical Garden

  • 2020-08-24 00:58:02

Nowadays, few people are unfamiliar with the artificial vertical garden, it is now becoming more popular in residential and commercial decoration. First of all, from its ornate appearance, no one can refuse its incomparable beauty. Second, flexible structures allow professional designers or even inexperienced buyers to enjoy the meaningful process of creation-choosing fences or plant branches to match the architectural style, arranging them on the mesh, making adjustments while previewing the effect, and finally, a unique vertical garden is finished. Last but not least, it is just like a work of art, with artificial hedge panels, the time and effort required are not necessary.To help you realize your design idea, we provide you with an introduction of three series of our artificial green wall panel's arrangements-H for high, M for medium, and L for low series artificial vertical garden.

Product Descrption

artificial vertical garden h series.jpg

H series is made with different styles of high-end artificial hedge panels. These hedges are of long-orchid leaves, different in shape and colors. Compared to the other two series, the H series uses a large number of plant sprigs arranged closely to full the design, so the whole vertical garden looks lush and dense.

medium series .jpg

For the medium class, the basement is a combination of different low height artificial foliage panels and the additional ornaments are different foliage branches. This version is less expensive than the H series as the used artificial foliage branches are just applied on a large part of the green walls.

low series.jpg

Low series is made with fewer foliage sprigs on the statement of artificial hedges panels, so the cost will be much lower. Although diversity will be reduced, the rich visual effect of artificial vertical garden will not be affected.

Material Details 

Materials used to make artificial hedges are 100% fresh new PE and are eco-friendly as well as safe for both human beings&pets.

Besides, they are said to be UV-engineered and fireproof.

For the UV-resistant level, it is backed by a three-year outdoor guarantee and a five-year indoor guarantee.

For the fire-retardant rate, all have reached the commercial grade.



Artificial vertical garden can be applied in almost every building restoration, functions are ( not limited to the followings):

  • To cover unsightly views&beautify facade

  • To create a private and leisure area for personal pleasure.

  • Backdrop for important events such as Christmas, wedding ceremony, gigs, etc.

  • Decoration for commercial use 

Another exciting part of the vertical garden is that the creation possibility is endless. The choice of used hedge panels and foliage sprigs is a thing related to personal preference. Whether you are professional or not, the vertical garden is under your control, you can let your creativity run wild. For example, inserting some LED lights on the statement can add romantic and attractive feelings. Or apply some real plants on the panel to make it hard to tell from the real ones.If you have any interest in the above mentioned products or other artificial plants,feel free to leave a message thru our!