Theme plants wall art design with Sunwing green wall panels

  • 2017-12-18 15:03:52

With the wide application of the artificial green wall panels, not only the foreign designers but also the domestic architects accept this brand new landscape form. We have cooperated in many designs and projects recently. Today, I will introduce one case for u about the design and installations during its progress.

As you see, below pictures are the project finished effect. They choose the A038 fern hedging panels as the main backing with some different types of branches, then combined them with zip ties. According to their themes, the landscapers design the pattern which best emphasize its theme and be the most attractive, then fulfilled the design with our artificial plants step by step. The different color and types branches could increase the vitality of the artificial green wall. The streamlined design adds movement to the vertical garden wall. The purple branches could give the large green embellishment. Let’s go green.

What’s more, they had created the heart pattern, looks very beautiful on the iron wall backdrop. About the installation, they have used the foam board as back so they can install the artificial hedges into them. The details could refer to the video here. --

The project is full of the creation and speciality. Let the backdrop looks so different and distinctive through the miracle matches of the SUNWING green wall panels and reflects the artistic sense of plant walls. If u are interested in it, feel free to contact us.