3 Classic Foliage Mix Artificial Hedges for Wall Design - Summer Sale

  • 2020-08-19 01:43:41

The green wall design trend dates back to the 1980s when Patrick Blanc, a French botanist, designed the famous vertical garden at the cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris. After more than 30 years of development, this design trend with the aid of artificial hedges is still sought after by many people. A large number of researches have also discovered that the green plant decorations have many positive effects, such as an increased sense of being light-hearted and decreased anxiety. Therefore, we introduce three long faux hedges combinations suitable for wall decor. Meanwhile, our summer sale is on the wing, don’t forget to catch any details about that.

Product Description

Long orchid artificial hedges A081

Long orchid artificial hedges A081.jpg

A081 is a combination of A042 and A043. The main materials are Milan leaves and jade leaves. The two leaves are different in size and height. The leaves of Milan leaf are smaller than those of jade leaf; the stem of Milan leaf is shorter than that of Jade leaf. Therefore, the combination of the two looks uneven, creating a three-dimensional visual effect. The foliage itself has a botanical appearance & texture and can bring everlasting greenery to life instantly.

Artificial foliage hedges mix A090

Artificial foliage hedges mix A090.jpg

This style of artificial hedges, with an extremely fresh green look, is a mix of Premna microphylla leaves and Magnolia leaves. The highlight of this hedge panel is that its color is not even green, dark green and light green scattered, giving people a new feeling. In particular, it has a white light in the green, which can be used for wall design to brighten the dark indoor environment.

Faux hedges with additional bumps A128

faux hedges with white bumps.jpg

Composed of two styles-A040 and A011, this artificial hedge panel is a perfect choice for backdrop decoration. As shown in the picture, the white bumps together with its life-like appearance create an aesthetically pleasing look and add vibrancy to the surroundings. We also provide another version with red bumps. Compared to white bumps, red ones appear more lively and they are great for adapting to the Christmas atmosphere. Although the regular panel size 8*8 is not enough for privacy coverage, they can be sculpted into different configurations for exterior and interior green wall decoration, such as patio revamp, event ornament, etc.

Green Wall Panels Applications

stair green wall decor .jpg

Hedges can be used to decorate the walls on the side of the stairway. From the picture, we can see that the white color of the steps, the black color of the stairs and the green color of the background wall perfectly blend together, giving people a beautiful enjoyment visually.

wall space of artificial hedges .jpg

The indoor application of faux hedge panels is not limited to the backdrop beside the stairs, but also the wall space of the living room. The combination of various styles of hedge panels looks fashionable and colorful. When people catch sight of the background when rest in the living room, they will feel comfortable as the breath-taking greenery ease their mind.

hotel green wall design .jpg

This is a hospitality design case. In this case, we used four different colors of hedge panels to decorate the exterior walls of the hotel. Each color intervals, bringing a lively feeling rather than a monotonous feeling. Green walls echo the lawn on the ground. If it is not decorated, the windows made of stainless steel and the gray walls will appear to be duller, which is not integrated with the surrounding environment.

Design a hassle-free artificial hedges wall without hesitation!

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