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Recently, through the joint efforts, the website positioned to display products was finally born. This time, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive product information for you to compare and choose.

In this website, we try to make the categories as detailed as possible. Maybe you don’t have the time to read carefully about what’s available in each category. Therefore, the following article gives a general overview of each category and what products are used for.

(All titles are hyperlinked, so you can click directly to see the relevant products)

Artificial Hedge panel

Artificial hedge panel is used to cover plain or unsightly surfaces. It can be installed on your house fence or an exterior wall to create a unique plant wall with aesthetic appeal. In our website, this category refers to square panels with one or two foliage species. The number of products under this category is the largest. A wide variety of foliage has been molded into corresponding artificial hedge panel to satisfy your preference and requirements.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Of all the artificial hedge panels, the best-selling one is boxwood hedge, so we have listed it in a separate category. Even the panel of the same plant will have different designs. Some may have different colors, Some may be decorated with flowers or beans. Boxwood hedges are just that.

Artificial Vertical GardenGrass and Ivy FenceIvy Trellis

The function and installation of the vertical garden is similar to that of the hedge panel, but the appearance is different. Vertical garden panel has a richer variety of plants, resulting in a more ornate effect. Grass fence and ivy fence are generally 3 meters long, which can cover the wall in a large area. Ivy trellis is relatively special. This expandable fence allow you to adjust the the length according to your desired dimensions, you can decide the privacy according to adjust lattice fence size.

Artificial Inplanters

Faux hedges are bolted to planter box for a complete and finished look, so they don’t have to be attached to a fence or a wall. The main function of it is to separate space. If you want to divide an area more private and secluded for those relaxing., choose this product will be much more convenient.


The above several types of products are usually suitable for large area covering decoration.In addition, we also have some products perfect for daily decoration.

Artificial Topiary

It includes topiary ball and topiary tree. Our artificial topiary balls are available in a variety of diameters and can be customized. Small topiary balls can be placed on the table as potted plants, and larger ones can be hung with chains as a whimsical adornment dangling from your ceiling.

Artificial Hanging Basket

Same as real flowers, fake flowers can also have art modelling, so we hired professional floral designers to design the baskets. The unique artificial floral arrangements in baskets also can be hung to save space. Using it as a set for photo shooting is a good idea, too. It will liven up any interiors or exteriors instantly and guaranteed a long-lasting perfect looking.

Art Framed Plants Wall

As a novel form of artificial plant decoration, it combines plants with picture frames, which is more flexible and space-saving than a potted plant, and more alive than a decoration painting. We have round frames and square frames, the former is lovely and the latter is serious. Some picture-frame fences have only one kind of plant in them, while others can combine a variety of plants like vertical gardens. It can even hide led lights in the plants to make them stand out at night.

Preserved plants

We are indeed a company dedicated to producing life-like artificial plants, but we have more than artificial plants. Preserved plants are 100% natural plants. They are the result of a unique process of plant preservation in which the natural sap is replaced with a special solution, that will preserve their aspect, freshness and scent for many years, with no need of soil, water or sunlight.


All moss products are made from original moss. It can be either in the form of hedge panels or art frames. The look of the moss panel is very special, and there are many colors, including some exaggerated colors. If you’re a designer who prefers bold creative styles, consider this product as the material for your creations.

We do not stop here, as our company develops and the products update, we will continue to improve this website, to provide you with more thoughtful service.

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