Top 2 Classic Long Artificial Foliage Hedges from SUNWING- Summer Sale

  • 2020-08-21 01:33:31

The visual effects of different lengths of artificial foliage hedges are different. Shorter hedges are arranged compactly, presenting dense effects; longer hedges are relatively less compact, presenting a sparse effect. SUNWING long artificial hedges are not only full of three-dimensional sense but also very lush, which is very suitable for outdoor and interior decoration design. Besides, it's approaching the end of our summer promotion, so it's time to catch this golden opportunity. For more details, please go to the summer sale page.

Lush Artificial Foliage Panels A043

Lush Artificial Foliage Panels A043.jpg

This style is made of artificial jade leaves. Jade leaf has a good meaning of "good luck" in Chinese culture. The leaves are evergreen all year round, and the branches and leaves are luxuriant and vigorous, which can bring full vitality to the surrounding environment.

To provide you with more opportunities, we have designed two versions: one with flowers, one without flowers. The first olive green is terse in visual, suitable for modern decoration with simple style. The second color is light green, with flowers as an ornament, fresh and lively, suitable for settings like weddings, ceremony, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, fashion show, etc.

With a longer leaf length of 85mm, the foliage is desirable for outdoor three-dimensional design. Since our artificial hedges are UV-engineered, it will not discolor or fade for many years around. Therefore, maintenance is no needed.

Faux Leaf Mats A044

Faux Leaf Mats A044.jpg

This artificial foliage hedges are composed of Chlorophytum leaves. Using Chlorophytum as decoration not only beautifies the environment but also brings good luck to the environment. Green plants can add comfort and warmth, and make people feel comfortable and positive at the same time

The length of the leaf is 5mm shorter than A043, So it looks a little sparse. One advantage of this artificial hedge is that it can be combined with other styles to create various green wall design.

Come to SUNWING Get Your Exquisite Replica Hedges

Our simulated foliage hedges have:

  • Changing styles, Unchanging quality

We have various realistic faux hedge styles for you to choose, from classic boxwood series to foliage mats with flowers. Unlike other factories, we use 100% fresh new PE instead of recycled PE. We commit that, at SUNWING, you can purchase the best quality ones among other products at the same price in the market. 

  • Wide range of applications

We can see these works of art created by people using artificial hedges on many occasions, such as corridors, hallways, hotels, restaurants, trade shows, conferences, and wedding backgrounds. These green design, with different themes, different sizes and different styles, add softness and flexible beauty to the hard man-made surroundings. 

Things You Need to Know About Us

As a manufacturer and supplier of over-10-year experience in artificial foliage hedges, artificial vertical gardens, simulated plants, etc, SUNWING is equipped with:

  • Workshop&Warehouse


Our workshop covers an area of 5000 square meters, with more than 60 manufacturing machines, and the output reaches 14 containers per day. Workers are well-trained and strictly control the quality of products.

We have developed a reasonable inventory management system, which can maintain normal production, respond to customer demand timely, and ensure that the goods are sent out at the time specified by customers to meet their sales needs.

  • Showroom 


In our sample room, you can see our various designs, including wedding background walls, music festival stage decoration, silk road theme design, etc.

Here, you can find the inspiration for creating green plant arts, and at the same time, we will help you turn your ideal into reality.Feel free to contact!