Top 3 cost-effective artificial plants for outdoor fence screens

  • 2019-05-20 16:45:34

Outdoor privacy screen is somehow top concern of most households or property managers these days. People need private space and want to enjoy in our homes, gardens or public places. Normal outdoor fences can be a boundary denotation but not a privacy protector. And when we talk about outdoor fence plants, we firstly thought of planting hedges around. However, these hedging plants needs much time, money and strength to plant, grow and maintain. To satisfy this demand, we manufacture the following three artificial hedges plants as most cost-effective privacy screen plants in terms of costs, installation and maintenance for reference.


Artificial Foliage Hedges MOQ: 300sqms


If you are comparing prices of living hedges and artificial hedges, you will find that artificial hedges prices is higher but acceptable. However, if you choose to plant hedges, you need tools, fertilizer and extra place for planting. These tools and plants food are expensive already leaving alone those increasing water bills and maintenance fees. Meanwhile, our artificial hedges are super easy to install on outdoor fences like iron linked fence, wooden fences etc. Also, our hedges are made with botanically dense foliage to offer 98% coverage rate to keep passer-by noises and sights out. The common item is artificial boxwood hedges. Our boxwood is manufactured with fresh new PE, 4 layers of foliage and ultra-realistic appearance. With UV-tested or fire-retardant treated, our artificial hedges are SGS certified to stay in outdoors for almost 3 years. Get these certifications freely if you want to distribute it to your local. Check the comparison with those in the markets with an unbelievable low price.


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Ivy Screen Rolls   MOQ: 300sqms


If you are in a tight budget, you need to choose ivy screen rolls as it is cheapest among the three. It is not dense like artificial foliage hedges but it is foliage panels can cover and beautify any unsightly view. If you have no requirements for coverage rate, then ivy screen rolls will be a product of choice. Like artificial hedges, our ivy screen rolls are also maintenance free with outdoor 3 years warranty.


Artificial Wall Grass


For commercial property fence screening, we recommend this artificial grass on fence or wall. It is denser than our artificial hedges which offer a perfect screen with tight structure of artificial grass and iron frames. The price is also lower than artificial hedges or hedging. If your projects requires strict coverage, be sure to consider artificial wall grass.

For cleaning tips, all the outdoor fence plants above are made with PE or iron wire structure so don’t bother cleaning them is a regular basis, let the rain do it for you. For all the three privacy screen plants above, we can manufacture different colors, dimensions and styles according to your local markets. If you are importers or local dealers, welcome to inquiry for FOB price, catalog and minimum order quantities for a more profitable business

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