Top Recommended Artificial Foliage Mats with White Flowers - Summer Sale

  • 2020-08-13 01:20:37

If only one color can be used to describe summer, the color should be green. For those who can't enjoy the tropical atmosphere in summer because of their geographical location, artificial foliage mats with white flowers are undoubtedly a good alternative. August is our promotion month, for more detailed information please refer to Summer Sale Page.

Base Hedges with Additional White Flowers

  • Innovative Design

Artificial hedges with solid color used as background walls may appear monotonous. Therefore, we choose to use the best-selling artificial boxwood hedge A001 as the base hedge and add white flowers as embellishment, making the hedges more vibrant and full of vigor. 

base hedge of faux foliage mat .jpg

To cater to different preferences and provide more choices, we differed the shape of flowers.A040 and A083 use 24 flower bones as an ornament to its green background. Different from the first two, the flower of A036 is a Milanese flower with five petals.

foliage mats with different flowers.jpg

Apart from that, for A083, we also made innovations in the presentation effect of the product by changing the process of gloss—one is the smooth effect, the other is the matte effect with less gloss.

faux foliage mats with white flowers of 2 gloss effects.jpg

  • Free Changing Shape, Easy to Move and Place

Being extremely flexible, the artificial foliage mats with white flowers can turn into any shape and fit into any space you want. The possibilities are endless whether the wall is curved or straight. Here are some cases vividly showing you some ways to utilize artificial foliage mats.

faux hedge mats applied in staircase.jpg

beautifying the staircase as well as filling the gap between railings to increase the safety level 

Flowers hedges cover front wall.jpg

Covering front wall, bringing an uplifting feeling simply from the way they look.

  • Convenient to DIY 

With sturdy plastic pegs and holes, mats can be steadily attached to create diverse foliage walls on your demand. Also, the back grid framework makes it easy to add floral sprays, bouquets, or even string lights! Below is a personalized DIY of this artificial foliage mats with flowers in the Christmas event. 

artifcial foliage mats of flowers indoor decor.jpg

If you are currently engaged in the business of artificial plants, hedges, etc or you want to catch up the trend of applying faux plants in residential or commercial landscaping, you can visit our website and browse our product series, for free sample, product catalog, please