2018 trend of preserved moss uses in interior design

  • 2018-09-26 16:17:14

Now for interior design, the designer pay more attention to the preserved plants decoration. Crafted moss is the perfect greenery for creating an interior living wall.Besides popular artificial hedges and vertical garden panels in PE for green wall making, crafted moss becomes another interior designers and landscapers' favorite decor materials.

Aiming to be an inspiring company with sustainable innovation, we smell, feel and catch the trend. Sunwing has always devoted to bringing you the new popular items in the market. Preserved Reindeer Moss, a natural dried moss, is the new item we will focus on in this second half year.

The application of more occasions except the pictures above will be developed.

 moss applications.jpg

Now I will introduce the craft of preserved reindeer moss to you guys. Firstly, Moss materials is from the remote forests and mountains. We select the best moss and then wash, dry. Secondly, we adopt latest dying and color fixing tech. to dye the dried moss as below. At last we attach the moss by glues on the walls, frame, collage,etc.

moss materials.jpg

Our foremost advantage is that we are a factory. So, we can controls the quality of moss strictly, like dyeing without strange smell and harm or treat them with UV or fire-retarded materials to let it fit better indoors. Any color or design requirements, we are equipped with professional team to assist you with best solutions.

SUNWING is open to any ideas, innovative projects and custom order from all over the world. Any interests in free samples or importing from us, welcome to download our moss catalogs on https://www.fauxhedges.com/download.html 

and for more details, don’t hesitate to contact through sales@fauxhedges.com  Don’t doubt about that prosperous market value of moss.