Wholesale artificial hedges for instant privacy garden fence

  • 2018-03-13 16:33:21

Many modern families have houses with small gardens. In order to increase protection and improve their appearance, most people choose a garden fence that is easy to install. But here is a problem, the common fence’s gap is too big and some plants are needed to shade it. Our garden screening plants is designed to solve this problem!

foliage rolls fence.jpg

Our artificial fence installation is very simple, only need a few cable ties can complete. If you need more privacy, you can choose a high density privacy hedges.

purple hedging fence.jpg

What's more, we have a large number of artificial hedge fence styles, so you can choose the one that suits your garden best. If you need to be more creative, there are several styles that you can match to create a unique garden fence.

privacy hedges.jpg

The most important thing is that our artificial fence can be green all the year round without curing, and it can reduce noise and prevent uv. It can save your time and cost effectively, and make your garden a bright spot with the quickest and easiest way.