Wonderful Corporation, Unique Plantscape

  • 2018-09-04 09:59:30

The front desk is the face of the corporation, which decides the first impression that the corporation bring to the customers. In this case, a neat and advanced outlook of the front desk is vital for the corporation. Our products provide modularized plates of artificial green wall plants to create different styles of background, and make it easier to achieve the deal with the consumers.

The following projects are inspired by our clients using our artificial hedges or green wall panels products. Our clients are preferred to put their logo on this attractive for promotion.

 artificial hedges backdrop.jpg

If you feel the office area is so identical and boring, it is the time to try our artificial plants wall panels. You are able to transform your office place into a natural workplace, with greenery and plants around your table. What is more, after hours of staring at computers, it is a good choice to look at those green things, it will help to release the tiredness both physically & mentally and at the same time help with better work efficiency. Check the bespoke green wall below: This green wall is designed by our designers and installed with professional team. 


Instant green with nearly none maintenance. If the plants wall is installed interiors, you can clean them only once a month using a cloth with water. If the artificial greenery wall is installed outdoors, just let the rain wash them out naturally. Our artificial hedges plants or artificial vertical garden panels are UV treated and stabilized so our clients can rest assured of its long-lasting fade-resistance performance in outdoor sun exposure. Dust it off and it will shine all the times.

Worry about being under surveillance, either on purpose or in occasion? We help to solve the problem by providing greenery screens of different colors and sizes. Wherever your workplace is, as long as there are windows, our artificial plants screen could block the sight from the outside and return you with a quiet and safe place.