Do I need Fire-retarded artificial hedges in the landscape?

  • 2018-04-10 14:37:25

Nowadays, more and more people attach the importance to the decoration of artificial hedges plants for both indoors and outdoors. But we need to consider the fire-retardant artificial plants, are a smart and safe extra precaution for homes and office spaces.

Why are fire resistant plants with flame resistant foliage important?Because it is related to the safety of the inner facilities, assets and most importantly people’s life. Especially in some crowded places, like the commercial shopping malls, or writing buildings, residential etc where fire happens frequently. Pls refer to the below installation pics:


If they are all fire-retarded, it will keep the building or people safe from burning. Nowadays, more and more decorative utilities are required to comply with the fire code to make safer living spaces.

What makes non fire resistant faux plants so dangerous? We all know that high temperature, fire source, and some force majeure may happen and plants are always a main spread of fire. So the engineer or construction project manager who determine to use the fake plants must make it fire retardant.
   If one construction project will do the landscape and decoration of the residential. At first, they need to choose the right and good quality products - Fire retardant artificial plants. How about the faux plants fire tests? It should be tested by the third party which has the privilege to certified the grade of fire retardant like RoHs, SGS and so on. After the products are passed the test, clients could use them without any worries.
   So if you need to use the artificial plants to decorate our homes or offices, welcome to contact us to have custom treated safer fire retardant indoor or outdoor artificial hedges plants.