Landscape Projects -Asia

In the Asia, many huge wall design and landscape projects are using artificial hedges plants for instant and easy greenery wall building, like large commercial buildings' exterior naked wall landscape, large event's backdrop design, interior gardening design, etc.. Artificial hedge wall brings instant nature-like beauty to those areas at less cost of long term maintenance, water consumption, management, money and personnel.

Green Wall Building—— Central America

In the Central America, arid climate covers most parts of this areas, so urban greening is something a little expensive and difficult. To make this work more instant and easy, SUNWING artificial plants wall takes its role in this area, it is largely used for green wall, vertical garden, feature wall design, privacy screening, "sunshade" screening, etc.,very popular, its resistance to high temperature and fire has won great feedback from our distributors.

Privacy Screening & Garden Design——Europe

In the Europe, artificial green wall plays a very special role for privacy screening building and instant green wall design. This is repeatedly talked about by our clients who distributing artificial hedges in the Europe, they said that artificial plants landscapes and gardening are specially favored by those younger groups there.

Large Project Planning ——South & North America

In the South & North America, artificial hedges and topiary are often used in many large greening projects and interior feature wall design to bring instant greenery charm or highlight plain atmosphere.

Urban Greening Landscape ——UAE

UAE is predominant by tropical desert climate, and water is very very expensive, to make better landscape projects and build more aesthetic green urban, artificial plants are the best replacement of living plants. The following is one classic case where artificial foliage mats are used for highway bridge landscape.